What is a stone pot?

Every stone utensil or pot is a kind of stone pot and dish. One of the characteristics of any stone utensil or pot, which is a kind of serpentine, is its softness and fire resistance, which makes food enjoyable due to gentle cooking. The construction of everything is common in Mashhad and this stone is harvested from a mountain in that area. That is, with this hard stone and at the same time soft and machinable, any tool can be made and started.
Join us to learn more about the stone cauldron of Mashhad and the material of this stone vessel.

stone pot

stone pot

harkareh or stone pot

Masonry is one of the unique handicrafts of Mashhad. Stone cauldron or the same thing in Mashhad, the best, most useful, harmless and most valuable dishes among all dishes today are known. Stone cauldron is one of the most valuable and very rare goods throughout the country and even in the world. The rock of everything is obtained from the mountain range behind the mountain. Apparently, such a mineral does not exist anywhere on this planet.

Special feature of this all-purpose stone:

  • Being fat
  • Refractory
  • Ability to engrave

And making various utensils from hangs and pots to large pots.

Pay attention to these points when using stone dishes

  • In stone dishes, only foods can be cooked in which water is one of the main ingredients, such as stews, broths, soups, halim, soups and meatballs, as well as a variety of foods.
  • Frying and cooking dry foods like rice is not right in everything.
  • After cooking, stone dishes should not be washed quickly because the stone heats up with a small flame during cooking and traps the heat, and if you take it under water quickly, it will break.
  • Unlike other pots, you have to be careful not to miss anything because falling from a great height can cause the container to fill or even break. If everything falls repeatedly from too high a height, it will be broken.

Some very important features of a stone cauldron that distinguish it from other utensils:

  • These pots do not burn food under any circumstances.
  • The food is still hot and fresh long after the food is ready and away from the heat.
  • Everything works like a slow cooker. That is, it cooks food slowly and, as the saying goes, leaves it.
  • It is very easy to wash and most importantly there are no chemical or abnormal coatings inside
    There is never a scratch inside anything.
  • Its anti-stick properties will stay with him for the rest of his life.
  • Staying clean around it is free of grease and food debris. Everything prevents this due to its rocky material.

Finally, it is interesting to know that food cooked in a pot made directly from the heart of nature has a different taste. Because it transfers the positive energy of nature into food and makes it more delicious.

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