Practical tips on storing and use of copper utensils

For women, it is not always easy to buy cooking and kitchen utensils because quality and quantity are important and they should be economical. According to traditional medicine doctors, pottery, stone, glazed and copper utensils are the best utensils for cooking. As we said before about the Benefits of copper utensils , it helps to release energy in the body and build red blood cells. Of course, if you know how to store and use these dishes, they have a longer life and you can use it more.

use of copper utensils

use of copper utensils

Important points about the storage and use of copper utensils

  • To use these dishes for the first time, first boil one or two glasses of milk in it. Milk also prevents premature blackening.
  • Be aware that if too much copper enters the body, it can build up in the liver and cause poisoning, so be careful that tin-plated dishes are destroyed by a small scratch on the tin, which can cause a lot of copper to mix with food. Do not add too much copper to food. Do not cook or store acidic or sour foods in copper utensils.
  • Use onion to remove stains on copper dish.
  • Do not scratch these dishes while washing to preserve the protective layer.
  • Do not put copper utensils in the dishwasher.
  • To clean the very dirty parts of the dish and make it shiny: Dip half of a sour lemon in salt and rub it on the dish.
  • Onion juice works well to prevent the outer surface of copper utensils from rusting.
  • Avoid washing these dishes with detergents with high cleaning power.

How to polish copper utensils

  • Dissolve a teaspoon of salt with a cup of whole white vinegar and mix some flour with it to make it look likedough, then rub the dough on the dish and give it an hour, and then wash the dish with warm water and quickly Dry.
  • Another method is to use tomato sauce or paste, by rubbing the paste or tomato sauce on the body of the copper dish with a soft scotch tape and wait for 5 minutes; Then remove the sauce or paste from the dish with a rougher scotch than the first Scotch so that the stains are removed and the dish becomes shiny. Finally, wash your dishes and dry them quickly.

How to clean the inside of copper utensils

First, do not cook sour, acidic, or pasteurized foods in these containers as much as possible, and if this happens; After cooking sour foods or foods that contain chlorinated drinking water, black spots may form inside that are not dangerous or harmful. To clean these black stains, mix the ash with dishwashing powder and clean the inside of the dish with it. Black spots will disappear completely.


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