Compare stone utensils with other utensils

Comparing stone utensils with other utensils: Benefits of using stone utensils compared to other utensils How much have you thought about the importance of utensils used in the kitchen and its role in your health? The type of utensils you use is very important. Learn more about the type of dishes and their properties by reading this article.

Compare stone utensils with other utensils

Compare stone utensils with other utensils

stone dishes

Stone dishes are one of the best dishes suitable for cooking. According to nutrition experts, the change in the cellular state of food should be done in a long time that stonepot due to their unique gender absorb heat with the least energy required and gradually prepare food in a long time. Therefore, it prevents rapid evaporation and preserves the salts and minerals in the food. Stoneware is hygienically healthy and does not change food.
Iron and magnesium are abundant in these high-quality containers.

Aluminum containers

Long-term use of aluminum utensils is not suitable for cooking, because these utensils release aluminum ions in food, causing these ions to be transferred to the body and in the long run can cause problems for the body, including anemia. It is better to use aluminum utensils for cooking foods that require less cooking time.

copper dishes

Copper utensils are also suitable for cooking, if they are tin-plated. If copper utensils are not properly tin-plated or lead-containing materials are used for tin-plating, this element can cause long-term poisoning after entering food. It is very common today that due to the cheaper price of lead, lead is used instead of tin to coat copper vessels, which in turn carries the risk of lead poisoning. Therefore, care should be taken when washing that this layer does not disappear or scratch.

ceramic dishes

Ceramic dishes are also a type of pottery that if they are used with a suitable glaze, they have no problem for cooking. Provided that the glaze is completely healthy and without thorn-like spots, because to prepare the glaze, oxides of metals such as lead and copper are used, which dissolve in the food if the glaze is spilled and enters the body. The Prophet (PBUH) liked to drink water with these containers and said that these containers are safe and harmless.


There are several narrations that the Prophet and the Imams (as) strictly forbade the use of these vessels. They do not eat gold or silverware.

Glassware and Pyrex

Glass and Pyrex dishes are suitable for cooking, because they are not affected by acidic or alkaline substances, and ions do not enter the food due to heat. The narration of Imam Ali (AS) says that if there was no resurrection day, I would eat wheat kernels and drink water with a crystal vessel.

Teflon dishes

A study conducted in the United States has shown that when the temperature of Teflon containers rises above a certain level, the decomposition of the coating layer releases about 15 types of toxic vapor particles. Research has shown that one of the carcinogens in Teflon containers causes four types of cancer in mice, including liver, pancreas, breast and testicular cancers. Another important point is that the reconstruction of Teflon containers should be avoided separately, because the type of material used and how it works is not approved by the Ministry of Health.


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