Cast iron utensils

In addition to various kitchen utensils such as Teflon, ceramic and pottery utensils, stone and Pyrex utensils, cast iron utensils have also entered the market for several years and have been able to place themselves very well in the heart of kitchen utensils because of their various shapes and beautiful designs. And its efficiency and good advantages, it has been able to find many fans.


Cast iron utensils

Cast iron utensils

What is cast iron utensils?

An alloy composed of iron, carbon and silicon is cast iron, which is available in different types such as anti-wear cast iron, corrosion resistant cast iron and heat resistant cast iron.
Important Note: Original cast iron dishes are very heavy and expensive and do not introduce any ions into the food. If non-genuine cast iron utensils are very light and have a lower and more suitable price and only have a coating such as cast iron utensils.
Many of the containers on the market called cast iron containers are actually compressed aluminum, which is very harmful and often has a Teflon coating and is very different from the original cast iron.

What foods are cast iron dishes suitable for?

Cast iron utensils are a great option for

Foods such as steaks and chicken

  • Grilling various foods and kebabs
  • Brewing and cooking a variety of rice and boiling a variety of foods (suitable for people on a diet)
  • Put in the oven and also to prepare a variety of cakes and lasagna
  • Roasting, grilling, frying and frying foods in a small amount of oil are very suitable

Benefits of cast iron cookware

  • These dishes have a high resistance to heat and their color does not disappear and they heat up later, but they retain heat for a long time.
  • Preparing food in cast iron dishes with less oil is also easy, which is a great advantage
  • They preserve the taste and aroma of food well
  • Because these containers are heavy, they are very durable and durable
  • They prevent food from burning
  • When cooking in cast iron dishes, try to heat them completely first, then pour the oil

How to distinguish original cast iron from counterfeit cast iron

The way to distinguish genuine cast iron utensils from counterfeit ones is that if they are genuine, the magnets will stick to them and if they fall to the ground with great force or pressure or from a great height, they will break.

How to clean cast iron dishes

Do not use strong detergents or knives, coarse scissors and dishwashing wire if food sticks to or settles on cast iron dishes; A simple solution is to let the dish soak in warm water for a while and then wash the dish with a suitable sponge and dry immediately.
If you do not have the necessary care and attention in the storage of cast iron containers, while they are very durable and durable, after a while, these containers, like Teflon containers, will lose their useful performance and will not have much durability.


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