Benefits of copper utensils

One of the oldest and most ancient utensils used by humans is copper utensils that have long been on our tables and kitchens in Iran and are still more or less. Definitely the dishes in which the food is cooked are very important in the taste of the food, so that one of the most important and effective factors for the success of a cook is the dishes he uses. Copper dishes due to its many properties still It has many fans and today it is considered one of the handicrafts of our country, Iran. Benefits of copper utensils

Benefits of copper utensils

Benefits of copper utensils

Benefits of copper utensils

  • Because copper is an essential element of the blood-forming process, cooking food and drinking water in copper vessels reduces anemia.
  • Frying foods such as cocoa, cutlets, potatoes, etc. in a copper dish causes them to be fried and crispier.
  • Copper makes the skin supple while also treating damaged and dry skin he does.
  • The use of this type of utensils will increase the useful life of people and maintain their physical health.
  • Use these containers to prevent varicose veins because copper will strengthen the arteries and capillaries.
  • Copper helps maintain healthy hair and through the production of melanin can maintain healthy hair and cause rapid hair growth.
  • Copper utensils can have a positive effect on improving the function of our spleen and liver.
  • Having enough copper in the body can eliminate clogged arteries and thus determine your cardiovascular health.
  • This beneficial element can also increase the speed of function and efficiency of the brain, especially when doing mental activities.
  • Having enough copper in the body can reduce osteoarthritis and its pain (joint pain and swelling).
  • Do not ignore the effect of this element in strengthening the immune system.
  • Copper cookware is great for cooking because it can transfer heat well, saving energy and cooking fast.

A few tips when using copper utensils

  • Avoid storing acidic and alkaline foods such as broth and soup with paste, etc. for a long time in these separate containers because it will damage the food and the dish itself.
  • Do not store foods that are too salty or bitter or sour and sweet and meat in copper containers for a long time.
  • Cooking foods containing foods such as tomatoes, plums, beets, as well as boiling vinegar, juice, and orange juice in copper utensils is not recommended at all.


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