About food blogger in UAE

About Mrs. Noon

Mrs. Noon is an experienced food blogger in dubai who has worked in the industry for the past 3 years. She started following her dream job and childhood passion by pursuing two bachelor degrees in business management and interior architecture design in the University of Sharjah. Following the completion of her higher education, Mrs. Noon secured a position as an interior designer in one of the leading design companies in the UAE. To achieve higher goals, Mrs. Noon later shifted to a general trading interior design company as a general manager.

Managing an interior design team lead Mrs. Noon to discover another area of her interest: photography. The interest was first noticed when Mrs. Noon got involved in designing a luxurious restaurant in Dubai. Taking pictures with professional cameras, for marketing purposes, helped Mrs. Noon to realize her interest and encouraged her to pursue professional photography certificates.

Later, to accomplish her lifelong dream, Mrs. Noon started her blogging journey by communicating with Zomato users, helping them with constructive feedback on various food and restaurants across the country. Following her success in communicating with users and restaurants, Mrs. Noon was invited to an exclusive Zomato event where she met a representative of Apple Inc. in the region who encouraged her to extend her work by opening an Instagram account.

Mrsnoondxb was born on Instagram in April, 2018. Initially, all the posts were dedicated to food reviews and restaurants in Dubai. Post achieving a few thousands followers, a giveaway marketing campaign was hosted, which in time, increased the number of followers to 15K. Being a professional chef, Mrs. Noon decided to expand her work by cooking. To give her followers a true taste of Persian, Arabic and Indian food, Mrs. Noon took three professional certificates in starters, main courses and deserts. Using her expertise in cooking and photography, Mrs. Noon succeeded in attracting followers with passion for true taste. Today, Mrsnoondxb has 102K followers on Instagram.
Furthermore, Mrs. Noon developed a website to publish all her recipes, cooking videos and other contents that she covers in the UAE and in Iran. Expansion to regional market has encouraged Mrs. Noon to seek other opportunities for growth.

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